huzaifas (huzaifas) wrote,

Security Flaws i discovered!

I was thinking of writing this list down for some time, for various reasons including record-keeping.
(I took me some time to remember all of the flaws which i had found!)
For my $DAYJOB i work for the Red Hat Security Response Team. But i like to do some of my own
security research in my time off. All of the flaws listed here were reported ethically. They have been
found by using various techniques such as code auditing, fuzzing, static analysis etc.

ProductDateReferenceFlaw typeMore info
wireshark09-Feb-2011CVE-2011-0538Memory corruptionlink
wireshark03-March-2011CVE-2011-1139Memory corruptionlink
wireshark31-May-2011CVE-2011-1958Null pointer
wireshark31-May-2011CVE-2011-1959Memory corruptionlink
wireshark31-May-2011CVE-2011-2175Memory corruptionlink
flash-plugin21-Sept-2011CVE-2011-2428logic errorlink
libreoffice05-Oct-2011CVE-2011-2713Memory corruptionlink1 link2
wireshark01-Nov-2011CVE-2011-4102Memory corruptionlink
Openjpeg24-Aug-2012CVE-2012-3535Memory corruptionlink
libtiff07-July-2012CVE-2012-3401Memory corruptionlink

Tags: security
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