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Flock 2014 in Prague!

As i mentioned in my previous blog post, the Fedora project sponsored me to attend and talk in Flock this year in August in the beautiful city of Prague, here is a short report of how it went:

Day 1:
Flock started with a short welcome address by Fedora project leader Mathew Miller, followed by a keynote address from Gijs Hillenius, who is a journalist. He spoke about the adoption of Free and Open Source software in Europe. He also discussed the various hurdles faced in acceptance of open source software by various administrative agencies. After this i attended a talk on Fedora QA,  which ended with some information about what to do if any one was interested in joining. After lunch Mathias Clasen spoke about Wayland which is progressing quite well, it seems Fedora 21 would ship with Wayland, though not enabled by default, because a lot of work is still on-going. There were two kernel talks after that, one of them was by Josh Boyer.  I asked about including grsec patches into the kernel, and josh replied that it could very well end up in a copr repository, but not the main fedora kernel.

Day 2:
The second day started with a talk by Stephen Gallagar about the fedora server spin in upcoming fedora 21. I particularly like RoleKit. He also gave a demo about cockpit, sounds pretty interesting. Adam Williamson spoke about UEFI after that, i had a few question about secure boot, which Peter Jones answered. The Novena project spoke about building a laptop from scratch after that, though i was not particulary interested in knowing!. After lunch there was a Q&A session with FESCo, they tried to answer how it works on a day to day basis and how decisions are usually taken. The day ended with a session on docker.

Day 3:
The first talk on the third day was Arun SAG talking about Docker. Dennis Gilmore gave an excellent presentation about Fedora infrastructure. Second half of the day i looked at 3D printing and then ended up in the Package Review hackfest. Sadly almost everyone there was either a proven packager or a FPL member, there was no one who needed sponsorship. Though i spent that time in trying to update some of the packages i maintain to their newer upstream versions, so i did end up doing packaging during that time :)

Day 4:
I gave a talk on "Secure Programming Practices". It was well attended, though i feel i should have started a bit late, because most of the people were tired after dancing most of the night before that. There were some pretty good questions asked and i tried to answer the best i could, there is a youtube video available here. After that Michael spoke about Security Audit, he gave a few interesting examples how upstream failed to respond to him, untll he made the issue public. Kamil spoke about using static analyzers in Fedora. His csmock tool seems to be just a wrapper around some of the static analyzers available like cppcheck and clang, however he has some big plans of integrating it with bodhi and even making it available as a hosted solution in the near future. Should be really interesting to watch what happens. There were two related workshops after that, i only briefly sat for them, but rather used that time to talk with other contributors and my fellow Red Hat collegaues whom i speak with on irc. It was nice to put faces on those irc nicks and email addresses!

All in all, flock was pretty good, my only complain the scheduling. There were multiple talks on Fedora next and people eventually lost interest. Some of the popular talks were full, if they were put in a bigger room, more people could take part.

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