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Announcing gtk-v4l version 0.3
First a bit of background,
This year mid January hans de Goede wrote a mail on fedora-devel list proposing an idea for a gtk Video4Linux preferences applet, which would allow people to control their v4l web cams.
His original intention was to provide it to his students to work on as a project. I also asked him to let me work on it and since none of his students were interested i started work.

So for the last 6 months i have been working on this in my spare time and its time to bring release 0.3 to general public. There has been a lot of changes from the earlier release 0.2 which is packaged for fedora as well as ubuntu.

Here are some of the new features:
- Hot plug support
- Ability to control write-only properties like pan and tilt.
- Completely re-factored code.

I am working on rawhide and F13 packages for the same, so keep tuned.

PS: Thanks to Hans de Goede for all his help in re-factoring the code.

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Nice! Just a few nitpicks:

* Start each line with a capital letter, right now you have a messy mix of lower case and upper case.

* White balance is two words.

* Why is green balance several entries away from red and blue balance? Is 'balance' actually the right word here?

Thanks for lot for looking into the app. The main problem here being the fact that the properties are exposed by the driver and therefore will vary from one cam to another.
For example "Whitebalance" is what the driver tells the app. If you use another camera it might not have the same property for example.

However i agree with your idea of proper casing property names, that can be easily done.

Lastly there is really no such thing called "green balance", its a driver anomaly and should not be there in the first place. I think never gspca drivers replacing this would be much better.

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