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Announcing gtk-v4l version 0.3
First a bit of background,
This year mid January hans de Goede wrote a mail on fedora-devel list proposing an idea for a gtk Video4Linux preferences applet, which would allow people to control their v4l web cams.
His original intention was to provide it to his students to work on as a project. I also asked him to let me work on it and since none of his students were interested i started work.

So for the last 6 months i have been working on this in my spare time and its time to bring release 0.3 to general public. There has been a lot of changes from the earlier release 0.2 which is packaged for fedora as well as ubuntu.

Here are some of the new features:
- Hot plug support
- Ability to control write-only properties like pan and tilt.
- Completely re-factored code.

I am working on rawhide and F13 packages for the same, so keep tuned.

PS: Thanks to Hans de Goede for all his help in re-factoring the code.

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Nice! Just a few nitpicks:

* Start each line with a capital letter, right now you have a messy mix of lower case and upper case.

* White balance is two words.

* Why is green balance several entries away from red and blue balance? Is 'balance' actually the right word here?

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